VOTE NOW: Yes or No to Potential Martinez Swoop?

June 9, 2011 by
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With the camp seemingly pretty evenly split between the Pro and Con column with regards to a potential appointment of Wigan manager Roberto Martinez, there is only one real question to ask;

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6 Comments on VOTE NOW: Yes or No to Potential Martinez Swoop?

  1. Villan on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 12:05
  2. I’ve voted for “on the fence” because I’m not entirely convinced he’s the right man and it’s the easy option.
    But if you’d left it as a simple “yes” or “no”, I’d probably have voted yes, as I like the look of Martinez.
    Someone else posted it on another forum and it’s a point I agree with, it’s not so much the man himself, it’s that it suggests he’s going to be expected to work with little money.
    It just seems to show a lack of ambition, at least in the short term.
    But I’d be happy to give him a chance, whereas looking at the current result, I think a very large minority won’t.
    If he comes in I foresee a repeat of last season where the fans are very much split and Martinez will get dogs abuse if we don’t get off to a decent start.

  3. Villan on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 12:06
  4. Oops, I forgot to say, I definitely think there’s another twist in this saga yet and I’m not convinced it’ll be RM anyway.

  5. Snake Pliskin on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 12:13
  6. Why don’t we vote on everything and then expect the board to take notice of everything we say?? OR, as Randy is the one who has pumped millions of his own money into the club, we could stand by his decision as he will have too!!

  7. Hoxton on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 12:25
  8. Shows a serious lack of ambition.. Martinez achievements – won league 1, then moved to Wigan and just about avoided the drop, with less than a 25% win rate. Martinez seriously lacks experience, he makes Mclaren look like a wise decision, he certainly has more experience and a better pl record. Hopefully this is all just paper talk and Randy has something up his sleeve!

  9. MickeyJAY on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 13:00
  10. I’ve read some unbelievable comments on these blogs during the past few days. Martinez could be fantastic for Villa…….if given the chance.

    Man Utd were going nowhere until they appointed Alex Ferguson who had no previous Premier league experience.

    Wenger came from the obscurity of the J league when he joined Arsenal.

    Porto gave a young Mourinho the opportunity to prove himself because they saw the potential.

    Moyes also showed ‘potential’ when the Everton board decided he was worthy of a premier league opportunity.

    This could be the dawning of a new era if Villa fans would remove their blinkered view and use some constructive imagination as to the potential Martinez has to offer Villa.

    Sir Alex’s success was built up over a few seasons and he came perilously close to being sacked until they nicked an FA Cup win & the rest as they say is history.

    If you are a true Villa fan you will back ANY appointment to the hilt.

    But I for one would be a very happy Villain if it were to be Martinez.

  11. Juan Pablo Anus on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 13:11


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