VOTE NOW: Who Should be in Charge at Villa Next Season?

May 11, 2011 by
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Reports in recent days have seen the likes of Atletico Madrid’s Quique Flores and Frank Rijkaard both linked with the Villa managers job, were it to be vacated by Gerard Houllier this summer. The pair join a long list of names to have been supposedly lined up as replacements by the club so I thought I’d ask who you think should be a the helm next term.

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5 Comments on VOTE NOW: Who Should be in Charge at Villa Next Season?

  1. N. Sphynx on Wed, 11th May 2011 14:48
  2. I would take Pullis over any of the others. Think what he could do with better players and a bit more cash.

  3. Juan Pablo Anus on Thu, 12th May 2011 8:16
  4. Get Houllier out and break the bank for Moyes.

    Failing that anybody over Houllier will do. Worst gaffer in 20 years

  5. Tim villa on Thu, 12th May 2011 13:21
  6. Pulis, should not be allowed near kids learning to play football not to mention Aston villa football club… What a disgraceful brand of ugly football. Seeing delaps specially made towel vest for away games was the cherry on a bricolli flavoured cake for me!get moyes or coyle and people will finally begin to take us seriously! I actually had to argue the other day that villa was bigger than newcastle.. Safe to say I wasn’t long assuring my mate he was totally wrong.

  7. MarkMacSutton on Thu, 12th May 2011 13:33
  8. Frank Rijkaard is a good Coach not Manager. He is unproven in the English game so not for me. David Moyes all day long or Martin Jol.

    I may have considered giving Houllier more time despite the many fallouts with players, touching the Anfield sign, disrepecting the fans etc but with his health issues he won’t make it through a season. (please god no more G-MAC again!)

    If this was a senior manager in my company he would have been offered early retirement at 63 after his issues as no one wants his death on their hands (or offered light duties until retirement – manage the under 14’s team lol)

    Makoun needs more time to settle but not convinced, we ain’t keeping Walker (even though he thinks he’s a right winger and coming out of position) and any div who knows an ounce about English football can tell you Darren Bent = Goals (and even more goals disallowed but that’s not his fault!)


  9. Paul on Thu, 12th May 2011 16:34
  10. You haven’t put Mark Hughes in your list of options.
    I know he is currently employed as Fulham manager but there is a clause in his contract he can get out after 12 months, unless he signs an extension.
    Think there will be an awful lot of dissapointed Villa fans (me included) though
    as i believe that the current encumbents will be here next season !

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