VOTE NOW: Rate Villa’s Players this Season to Establish Best XI

May 24, 2011 by
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With the season now at an end and Villa finishing in a somewhat surprising 9th position, I wanted to give the fans the chance to rate all of the Villa players from this season in order to understand who you consider to be Villa’s best XI this season. A team I will put together once the results are counted at the end of the week. Ratings are made out of 5, 1 being awful, 2 being poor, 3 being average, 4 being good and 5 being excellent. Players who made less than 5 starts in the league were omitted, notably Delph, Pires etc. but there is still 21 players to rate so get to it! Cheers guys. UTV!

[polldaddy rating=”4544624″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544651″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544657″]

[polldaddy rating=”4544665″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544669″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544674″]

[polldaddy rating=”4544680″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544684″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544719″]

[polldaddy rating=”4544720″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544721″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544724″]

[polldaddy rating=”4544727″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544729″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544730″]

[polldaddy rating=”4544733″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544735″]          [polldaddy rating=”4544737″]

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