Villa Confirm Intent to Interview McLeish in Club Statement

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News that the majority of Villa fans didn’t want confirmed has been in the last hour after the club released an official statement signalling their intent to interview former Birmingham boss Alex McLeish immediately. Links to the Blues boss who resigned earlier this week have enraged many of the Villa and bluenose fans after the Scot quit his post via email after seeing the side relegated last season. If Villa do appoint McLeish they will need to fork out £5.4m in compensation if the signing goes through immediately, a fee that would drop to £3m from July 1.

This is a message to the fans of Aston Villa.

The Club has been reluctant to elaborate publicly on our search for a new manager and, in particular, to confirm or deny our interest in specific candidates.

This is not a new policy, indeed it is the approach that we have taken both in regard to managerial prospects, and potential player signings.

The Club understands that Alex McLeish is a free agent. We therefore intend to interview him imminently in order to make a decision regarding his candidacy to become Villa manager.

From the beginning of our search, we have set out criteria based on proven Premier League experience, compelling leadership, an ethic for hard work and, most importantly, sharing our vision for Aston Villa as we know that without a shared vision any appointment, however attractive, will ultimately fail.

Since 2006 we have approached our custodianship of Villa based on a broad-based strategy of significant investment to improve the squad, the training ground and Villa Park. We feel it is essential to select a manager who understands and supports our strategy for the Club to grow and to be sustainable. Otherwise, the natural tensions and competitive pressures that are involved with every season will ultimately cause instability and make continuity impossible.

We would, however, like to emphasise that in deciding to interview Alex McLeish, the Board has taken his tenure at our local rivals and the strong emotions associated with this very seriously.

We are determined, still, not to allow that three-and-a-half year post to disqualify him should he be the best candidate for the role of Aston Villa manager.

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12 Comments on Villa Confirm Intent to Interview McLeish in Club Statement

  1. Graeme Currie on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 18:55
  2. Always said to my bluenose mates that McLeish is the best thing they had. He organised and motivated their team well. If he comes, we need to get behind him. Villa come first, not our prejudices.

  3. Prashant on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 18:56
  4. If the club appoint him after interviewing him them I will back the club. It seems his hands were tied at the blues and as a villa fan I will back him.

  5. Chip on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:09
  6. I’m thinking ————— unthinkable thoughts. What has Randy been drinking recently? This guy put the bore in boring

  7. tim smith on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:14
  8. general krulak is a w**ker what does that american prick now about football, Randy can go fcuk himself as well. We need a big manager to help kep our players not lose them every season. They can all fcuk off back to american and eat cheese burgers like the rest of the fat c*nts

  9. Aero on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:17
  10. Anyone surprised by this news is an absolute idiot! I said it days ago on one of the other sites, before McLeish’s name was even in the frame, we were going to end up resorting to a sh*te manager. I said that with us only taking into consideration managers with these certain aspects that Randy for some reason NEEDS, we were narrowing down to a criteria of managers nowhere near suitable for this job. I of course was slated by the moronic fans that have probably been sitting in shock for the past couple of days.

    McLeish or not, the new manager we appoint will be rubbish. The managers available that fit what Randy wants are all awful, bar Ancelotti who Randy wouldnt just go all out for in attracting. I love you Randy for everything you’ve done for Aston Villa, but the way you are going about appointing a new manager is madness. You are demanding so many unnecessary characteristics in the new manager, that you’re failing to consider the best managers available out there.

    There will soon be a sad day at Aston Villa when we appoint a manager that cant hold onto our best players, and continue the footballing philosophy Gerard Houllier spent last season implementing. We will soon be back to square one. Now doubt i’ll be called a bluenose for that for some reason, but its the truth, and if all of you cant see it you need your bubble burst. I have always been Mr. Positive towards everything at Villa, but the things that have been happening lately have really made me take a step back.

  11. Rtavfc on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:19
  12. Would his appointment be enough to convince Downing to stay? Thought not. I think that the remaining quality that webhave at VP is about to leave, and be replaced with very little in terms of quality. At least Carlos might get a game now….

  13. DSVilla on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:36
  14. You lot just don’t get it. The club belongs to Randy Lerner not the fans. You don’t pick the manager or how RL spends his money. Just because i buy my favourite band’s CDs doesn’t mean I can tell them what music to write or play. I don’t own them, I just buy their product. If they go in a direction I don’t like I can stop buying their music. Well, thankfully you muppets aren’t going to buy season tickets or go down to Villa park. Yeah right. We’ll see. If it’s McLeish get over it and give the guy a chance. I don’t give a flying f%@* where he has managed before, just what happens when he (whoever it turns out to be) is managing the club I love. At least you lot aren’t in charge, what a mess that would be.

  15. lee on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:36
  16. Hi guys i would first like to say its been a pleasure reading the banter on this site, but i have to say that this statment release is shocking, it seems to me that, in the 2 weeks we have been looking for a manager, it seems that there has been not 1 interview, and that they are looking for the cheap option yet again. I have to agree with a lot of the fans that, if this appointment is made, and AM is made manager, that will be it for me, and i will not follow, or set foot in this club again, this is nothing to do with the fact, he has managed the blues, its the fact that he has taken the team he managed down twice, and ha no real pulling power, when it comes to buying players. I have had it with the lack of ambition us has fans have been showed by our club.

  17. Lee on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:49
  18. I agree with most people on here that AM is not someone I would want to manage the VIlla, it’s been 2 weeks now and I can see last seasons mess happening allover again. Why they have not gone all out to get DM I don’t know. if we hire AM we all have to get behind him and the team or we will end up with the shit in the championship. Good things might come our way foster Dann and Johnson. S O T C

  19. Edward Butler on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 19:57
  20. Someone at VP have lost their marbles. I have been a fan of everything RL has done at Villa, from the training ground,hotel,players etc. But the latest statement has me baffled. If the wanted a cheap option as manager why not Gary Mc. If they wanted Mc Leish why didn’t they call him for interview like Martinez. Why not wait for another two weeks and save 2.5 m. Maybe that’s what they will do. Why do the board want a young dynamic manager now when they appointed a 63 year old man with a history of heart problems who hadn’t managed in 7 years only 9 months ago. The manner the board have adopted in looking for a manager seems to have been invented at the mad hatters tea party. Remember a camel is a horse designed by a committee. I need an aspirin.

  21. Kevin Hughes on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 20:34
  22. As a season holder, although I can’t claim to be a lifelong Villa fan and got ‘hooked’ three years ago after going to a couple of games and got my first season ticket just two seasons ago, I am appalled at the way the search for a new manager has been handled.

    For years I followed lower league football as my sons played at that level and I dragged myself around the Principality as they played League of Wales football for many seasons.

    However, I never saw a club in those minor leagues behave in such an amateurish way as the Villa board have over finding a new manager.

    When Gerard Houllier suffered his ill health it should have been obvious to the board he wouldn’t be able to return to the dug out and if he tried then the club would have to stop him to protect him from himself.

    Further, who agreed a contract that meant he was entitled to such a massive pay day when he had to stand down? Surely his previous health issues should have been taken into account.

    But did we start our search for a new manager when Gerard was taken ill? Apparently not, instead we seem to have been taken by surprise and are bumbling along and quickly becoming the laughing stock of everyone in football.

    For God sake Villa sort it out, if it has to be Mcleish or Hughes just get on with it. No manager in their right would want to work for the club after this PR disaster.

  23. martinlaurence on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 8:15
  24. Here here. Very well argued!

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