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Rumoured Unrest Regarding Houllier Appointment

Reports today have suggested that the delay in Gerard Houllier’s decision to accept the Villa post may be due to a feared backlash from player’s and fans alike. It had already been rumoured that certain player’s, previously acquainted with the French boss were not keen on the impending appointment. It has now been touted that some of the fans less than friendly opinions on the decision may yet drive Houllier away.

Member of the board at Aston Villa General Charles Krulak, has even warned the fans that they may be affecting the ex-Lyon managers decision. Krulak has come out and defended Houllier and hit back at criticism from certain areas of the fanbase.

“Whatever anyone thinks of him, he deserves respect from the fans of this club. He has a fine record with multiple clubs and deserves better for the amount of effort he has put into his chosen career than to be ridiculed by AVFC.”

The American and close friend of Randy Lerner is clearly worried that the lack of support being shown by some may sway the 63 year olds decision. Houllier is obviously the man that the board want and the last thing they need is the embarrassment of being rebuffed in their offer only to have to fall back on a second choice.

“Any manager worth his salt is going to do some due diligence on the club and that would probably include reading up on the fans and the type of support they might receive.”

It is already believed that Houllier has been knocked back by former right hand man Phil Thompson in his search for an assistant and this may well exacerbate the issue. Why he feels he needs to bring in an outsider, especially one who knows so little of the club as Thompson is perplexing. Kevin MacDonald would fit the bill perfectly and knows the club inside out. An ideal scenario would see the current caretaker take control of the coaching side and let managerial decisions be left to an undoubtedly fine tactician.




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