Rumoured Unrest Regarding Houllier Appointment

September 8, 2010 by
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Reports today have suggested that the delay in Gerard Houllier’s decision to accept the Villa post may be due to a feared backlash from player’s and fans alike. It had already been rumoured that certain player’s, previously acquainted with the French boss were not keen on the impending appointment. It has now been touted that some of the fans less than friendly opinions on the decision may yet drive Houllier away.

Member of the board at Aston Villa General Charles Krulak, has even warned the fans that they may be affecting the ex-Lyon managers decision. Krulak has come out and defended Houllier and hit back at criticism from certain areas of the fanbase.

“Whatever anyone thinks of him, he deserves respect from the fans of this club. He has a fine record with multiple clubs and deserves better for the amount of effort he has put into his chosen career than to be ridiculed by AVFC.”

The American and close friend of Randy Lerner is clearly worried that the lack of support being shown by some may sway the 63 year olds decision. Houllier is obviously the man that the board want and the last thing they need is the embarrassment of being rebuffed in their offer only to have to fall back on a second choice.

“Any manager worth his salt is going to do some due diligence on the club and that would probably include reading up on the fans and the type of support they might receive.”

It is already believed that Houllier has been knocked back by former right hand man Phil Thompson in his search for an assistant and this may well exacerbate the issue. Why he feels he needs to bring in an outsider, especially one who knows so little of the club as Thompson is perplexing. Kevin MacDonald would fit the bill perfectly and knows the club inside out. An ideal scenario would see the current caretaker take control of the coaching side and let managerial decisions be left to an undoubtedly fine tactician.



10 Comments on Rumoured Unrest Regarding Houllier Appointment

  1. keith on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 12:47
  2. i think gerard houlier is a joke ive supported the villa for 15 years and we want kevin mac donald he deserves his chance. we love you supermac houlier stay in france yeah as well look how the french team is doing ha

  3. snake pliskin on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 12:58
  4. rumours, once again without any definate sources. I would imagine Pinnochio decided that an easy life at Sky was probably a better bet, but then Villa may well have said they want Houllier to use McDonald……..see, this rumour malakee is easy!! Stick to solid facts, they make much better reading

  5. CW31 on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 13:11
  6. I just hope the rumour about thomson that he want’s to stay at sky is true, cuz i for 1 don’t want that arsehole anywhere near our club. And i wish some fans would stop slagging GH off he has got to be better than some of the idiot’s being linked with the job the like’s of southgate, curbishley, and sven . GH may not be 1st on our list’s but if he is the man Randy want’s then let’s run with it and support him you never know he may suprise us.

    Up The Villa

  7. martinlaurence on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 13:24
  8. If I hadn’t been reporting the speculation than there wouldn’t have been much to write about snake pliskin, as almost everything to date other than the fact that Houllier has been offered the job has been exactly that, speculation. I’m just trying to keep blogging but thanks for your opinion.

  9. Darren on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 14:21
  10. Keith, how can you say “we” want mcdonald, surely your not the sole spokes person for us villa fans, GH is a fine manager, mcdonalds jst an only good at a lower role.

  11. AstonishedVillan on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 16:24
  12. Houllier eased Roy Evans out at Liverpool, Mac needs to watch his back.

  13. flatley05 on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 20:32
  14. Yeah GH is great lets appoint a manager who has already sold Brad Friedel, sent Warnock out on loan and swapped Carew for Baros he obviously has a high opinion of Carew. Well thats only just under a quarter of our first team who will hate him lets see how long it takes for the rest. Should never of happened if Randy doesnt listen to the players then we have no hope what a joke of an appointment.

  15. WorldClass on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 7:48
  16. I’m amazed about who dim and narrow minded some Villa fans are.

    Mr H will use the money he is given far better the the irksome irish man ever did.

    Mr H whilst having quiet a defensive set up will at least encourage us to play football, not just this kick and rush shit we’ve seen for the last few seasons.

    I can’t think of a better man to bring through or talented youngsters, he moulded Carragher in to a worldclass CB, he directed Gerrards talents in the right direction, lest we forget the Mighty Roy Evens thought Gerrard would be a World Class Right Back… doh.

    People should have some faith. This season will be one of learning but if Lerner allows him to keep the key players, he brings through 4 or 5 of the young players, gets Delph back and is able to compliment the squad with some decent young signings like at liverpool where he brought in Hypia, Hamann, Cisse ect then we’ll shock a few people.

    Try engaging you brains before your mouths.. well in this case fingers.

  17. lee on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 11:05
  18. If a player is going to be like that because they had fallen out with a manager previously then they are unproffesional and not the type of player “WE” would want at Villa. Houllier should have the backing of all Villa Fans. If not why dont you go show your “support” to another team.

  19. Digger on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 11:07
  20. Darren, and how can you say Macdonald is only good for a lower position. We are 4th in the league! and we are doing just as well as when O’Neil was here. Look where Moyes Everton are so I can’t see what you base your decision on? This could be one major ****up by the board. I can see why they have done it from there point but I will expect us to win the next three Premiership games and go through in the cup. That is what everyone expected of Macdonald to do in that short time so I expect that of Houllier. Why on earth Macdonald was not given until January is beyond me. The majority of fans I speak to would have preferred that than taking on Houllier. Houllier would have been available in January and so would a lot of other managers. I’m shocked to say the least and unless Macdonald is being groomed to take over I think he will leave and come back to haunt us!

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