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Just found this little factoid out that I though I’d share with you! Of the top 50 playmakers, Ashley Young is joint 7th on the all-time assist rate list in the Premier League since it was formed. According to Premier Soccer Stats, Young has made 76 assists since joining the club in January 2007. Of this number, 45 have come from open play, with the remaining 31 coming from dead ball scenarios i.e. corners etc. Having played 146 times in the Premier League since signing for the club, the 25-year-old has an assist rate of 0.45 per game. This is bettered only by some of the leagues greatest ever players. To see who is above Young and how he fares against those still playing today

Top 10 Assist Rates in Premier League History

1. David Beckham – 0.57 (152 assists)

2. Thierry Henry – 0.56 (144 assists)

3. Francesc Fabregas – 0.55 (115 assists)

4. Eric Cantona – 0.51 (81 assists)

5. Dennis Bergkamp – 0.46 (147 assists)

6. Ryan Giggs – 0.46 (263 assists)

7. Paolo Di Canio – 0.45 (87 assists)

–   Ashley Young – 0.45 (76 assists)

9. Mikel Arteta – 0.43 (72 assists)

10. Robert Pires – 0.42 (78 assists)

So as you can see, Ash is beaten by some true greats in this regard, with only Fabregas and Giggs bettering him of those still playing in the league, note Giggs’ 263 assists! Crazy. Also good to see another current Villa player on the list in Robert Pires with Young only needing to make 3 more assists to top the former Arsenal icon. A few other familiar faces in the top 50 list include Nobby Solano (12th), Dwight Yorke (33rd), Paul Merson (34th), Gareth Barry 44th and interestingly, Emile Heskey (50th)! Incidentally, in his renewed central attacking role, Ashley has made far fewer assists thus far this season (9) than in his previous 3 league campaigns, which have decreased each year since his remarkable first full season at the club in 2007/08.

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4 Comments on Random Stats: Ashley Young Assist Rate

  1. PG17 on Thu, 24th Feb 2011 16:16
  2. Good stats….cant believe he still gets stick from people…i think he is cleverer than most of our team which is why he doesnt get as many assists….hopefully Makoun and Bent will change that…..

    As an aside……I would quite fancy Zhirkov at left back! UNrealistic? probably….. although houllier has a better chance than oneill

  3. Rtavfc on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 0:17
  4. Nice stats, although misinterpretted.

    With an assist ratio of 1:0.45 games, we would be top of the league and his assists would be more than 300. In fact, he has 0.45 assists per game, meaning that he creates a goal every 1.92 games (although using the figures in the article his assist per game ratio is actually 0.52:1 so I’d question the validity of the stats at all!)

    He’s an asset, let’s leave it at that. When he leaves us, there will be no doubt that he will go on to improve his stats (whoever has made them up) and leave a gaping hole in our midfield.

  5. avfctommy on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 0:23
  6. Young has 0.45 assists per game, not 1 assist per 0.45 games. If that was the case he would have over 300 assists based on the number of appearances you have stated.

  7. martinlaurence on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 10:53
  8. Both equally valid points lol! Bit of a typo there. If only!

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