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Quoted: Walker Names Downing as His Player of the Year

Villa’s loan signing Kyle Walker claims that Stewart Downing has been Villa’s stand out player since he joined the club in January and indeed over the entire campaign, further adding to what seems to be becoming a foregone conclusion that the winger will win the clubs Player of the Season.

“Since I came here I’ve seen a massive difference with Stewart Downing,” he said.

“It’s great for me with him being on my side of the pitch and sometimes I can just give him the ball and I don’t even have to think. I just pass him the ball and you know he’s going to carry it. Not many players can take it off him.

“He sets the bar for everyone. In the first 10 minutes if he’s having a good game people want to rise to that challenge and have a good game as well with him.”

“He does work on everything. He works on his crossing and his shooting. For me he’s someone to look up to even though he’s not much older than me – he’s still a good role model.”

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