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Quoted: Luke Young’s Frank & Honest Assessment on Wasteful Season

Aston Villa defender Luke Young has admitted that the club are in a ‘mess’ and that this season, which was highlighted as a transitional period for the club, has been a ‘waste’ in his damning summation of Gerard Houllier’s term thus far. The right back has, I would say, been Villa’s most consistent defender when he has played and is hoping that some stability can be bought into the club, claiming that nobody knows what the managerial situation is going to be at the club next season after Gerard Houllier suffered a second serious health scare last month. It is good to see a player coming out an being so honest in his evaluation of what is undoubtedly a terrible season and it would be nice to see one of the so called ‘stars’ who haven’t shown up this term do the same!

“It is a bit of a mess. We need to know what we are doing, who is going to take the club forward and who is going to be making the decisions on which players stay and go.

“We need to know who is going to be in charge. Let’s be honest, no-one knows what is happening.

“We feel we have had a season where we are meant to be moving on and basically we have wasted a year. We’re no further down the line than we were before.

“I’d hope that a decision is made quickly. It’s very unsettling with Gerard’s situation.

“We knew that with a few games to go that the current situation was only going to be short-term.”

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