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Quoted: General Krulak Admits ‘NO ONE is Happy’ with Villa’s Season

Randy Lerner’s right hand man, General Charles Krulak has spoken out, admitting to this seasons failings under Gerard Houllier on Villa’s vital football forum, adding that Saturday’s defeat was ‘a HUGE disappointment’.

I wish I could refute the comments made over the last couple of pages but the reality and the facts ARE the reality and and the facts! This has been a VERY tough season and NO ONE at Villa Park is happy about what has transpired.

We had great expectations…we really did. We believed we had set the Club up for success. We had made great strides in the infrastructure of the stadium, the Staff at Villa Park were totally focused on our Fans, we had increased revenue from marketing and sales, we made some good acquisitions with regards to players and probably made the best transfer of the year.

All of this effort has basically not produced what we hoped it would produce. I wish I could say something else but I cannot!! I can point fingers all day long but that will not alter the facts. Just like we are capable of taking the accolades when things are going good, we need to take the blame when they are going bad.

I do recognize my responsibility and accept it. Likewise, Paul and Randy understand that they cannot just accept the kudos….they must also accept the criticism. ALL of us are aware of the disappointment of the Fans and the “grief” they take when we lose to a heated rival…and when we lose in the manner we did yesterday.

I know that Fans want to talk about the path forward to include talking about our Manager. Now is not the time to discuss our Manager…he is suffering and does not need to be discussed on an open web site. Right now all we want is for him to regain his health…he has gone through a tough medical issue and deserves our prayers and our hopes for a speedy recovery.

At the end of the day, the Board is accountable for what happens that is good…and what happens that is bad!!

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