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Quarterly 2010/11 Season Review: Aston Villa Attacking Statistics by Player

Following on from my defensive stats accumulation, I have also gathered some attacking statistics for each midfielder and attacker in the current Villa squad. The stats again, show each player’s record thus far this campaign as well as their overall Premier League record for their combined clubs in parenthesis. The stats include each player’s shots on target ratio, the shots to goals ratio and the average amount of minutes on the pitch it takes each player to score. Again the findings do reveal some interesting results. I will list the top 3 players in each category regarding their attacking record as well as the bottom 3 culprits.

Shots on Target Ratio This Season

Top 3:

Marc Albrighton – 0.71

Emile Heskey – 0.67

Nigel Reo-Coker – 0.67

Bottom 3:

John Carew – 0.23

Stephen Ireland – 0.33

Stewart Downing – 0.41

Shots on Target Ratio in Overall Premier League Career

Top 3:

Nathan Delfouneso – 0.86

Marc Albrighton – 0.71

Gabby Agbonlahor – 0.67

Bottom 3:

Steve Sidwell – 0.36

Emile Heskey – 0.49

Stephen Ireland – 0.52

Marc Albrighton’s emergence this season has arguably been Villa’s biggest reason for cheer and it is the young winger who holds the greatest shot accuracy record this season. Almost 3 in 4 of his shots have worked the goalkeeper this term. Emile Heskey’s form of late has been decent and his shot accuracy is also impressive with 2 in 3 on target. However, Heskey has the second worst shot accuracy in his EPL career amongst the Villans beaten only by Steve Sidwell whose record is considerably worse than every other player. John Carew’s poor run of form is really highlighted with this stat as the striker has hit the target less than anyone in regards to shots taken. The Big Man has worked the keeper just once in every 4 attempts which include missing the target from the spot against Newcastle, signalling a real lack of confidence.

Shots to Goals Ratio This Season

Top 3:

Stewart Downing – 0.18

Emile Heskey – 0.17

Stiliyan Petrov – 0.14

Bottom 3:

6 Players – no goals

Marc Albrighton – 0.07

Ashley Young – 0.06

Shots to Goals Ratio in Overall Premier League Career

Top 3:

Emile Heskey – 0.21

Gabby Agbonlahor – 0.19

John Carew – 0.16

Bottom 3:

Stiliyan Petrov – 0.04

Stewart Downing – 0.06

Steve Sidwell – 0.06

Stewart Downing has understandably the highest goals to shots ratio as Villa’s only player to score more than one league goal (3). His record of a goal every 5 shots or so is very decent from midfield and smashes his overall EPL career record of 0.06 which ranks as Villa’s second worst in the squad alongside Steve Sidwell. Perhaps unsurprisingly the best 3 records in the league fall to Villa’s strikers but many Villa fans will be shocked to see Emile Heskey top the list. Throughout his career Heskey has scored more than a goal every 5 shots he has taken, pipping Gabby Agbonlahor and John Carew. This stat worries me greatly as our best goal to shot ratio falls to someone who is anonymous for not scoring! Skipper Stiliyan Petrov has the worst record from the squad since joining Villa with fewer than 1 in 20 shots finding the net.

Minutes Per Goal This Season

Top 3:

Stewart Downing – 300

Emile Heskey – 344

Marc Albrighton – 600

Bottom 3:

6 Players – no goals

Ashley Young – 896

Stiliyan Petrov – 747

 Minutes Per Goal in Overall Premier League Career

Top 3:

Nathan Delfouneso – 173

John Carew – 207

Gabby Agbonlahor – 315

Bottom 3:

Stiliyan Petrov – 2335

Nigel Reo-Coker – 1701

Marc Albrighton – 1012

The minutes per goal is always a good stat to see just how prolific a player is. The records take into account minor substitute appearances that may make a record look worse than it is. Again Downing tops this seasons stats as top scorer with a goal in just over 3 games. Six players on the list are yet to score but Ashley Young’s record of only 1 goal in 896 minutes this season is a little disconcerting. The winger usually nets at around half that rate. Nathan Delfouneso has racked up a measly 173 minutes of playing time in his league career (under 2 full games) which is something that Houllier should really address. His league goal at Portsmouth last year means that his minute to goal ratio is the best and he surely deserves his chance. John Carew also has a decent scoring record for Villa netting every 207 minutes (under 2 and a half matches) which may prove that the fans and manager need to be more patient after a poor run of form this season. Unsurprisingly, defensive midfielder’s Stiliyan Petrov and Nigel Reo-Coker have the worst records. Petrov’s record is a goal every 26 games. In his last season and 3 games before joining from Celtic his record was a goal every 284 minutes (almost 1 in 3)!

Below is the full list of attacking stats to ponder!

NAME (Position)

Appearances (Sub)

Shots on Target Ratio (Overall)

Shots to Goals Ratio (Overall)

Minutes Per Goal (Overall)

Stephen Ireland (CM)

4 (1)

0.33 (0.52)

– (0.12)

– (623)

Stiliyan Petrov (CM)


0.57 (0.55)

0.14 (0.04)

747 (2335)

Nigel Reo-Coker (CM)

7 (2)

0.67 (0.57)

– (0.08)

– (1701)

Steve Sidwell (CM)

1 (3)

– (0.36) 

– (0.06)

– (855)

Ashley Young (WM)


0.56 (0.55)

 0.06 (0.1)

896 (471)

Stewart Downing (WM)


0.41 (0.58)

 0.18 (0.06)

300 (548)

Marc Albrighton (WM)

7 (1)



600 (1012)

John Carew (CF)

4 (3)

0.23 (0.53)

 – (0.16)

– (207)

Gabriel Agbonlahor (CF)

2 (2)

0.5 (0.67)

 – (0.19)

– (315)

Emile Heskey (CF)

4 (2)

0.67 (0.49)

0.17 (0.21)

344 (326)

Nathan Delfouneso (CF)


– (0.86)

 – (0.14)

– (173)



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