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October Preview: Beating Manchester City, West Brom and Sunderland

After a summer of cutting costs and cutting corners, Aston Villa are unexpectedly in a position to do well this season. Currently in 7th place in the league, They have every reason to contemplate a top-six given that Newcastle will invariably suffer some loss in form and Arsenal, currently out of the top seven, may never recover enough to move ahead of the Villains.

It may be wishful thinking this early in the season but without any domestic or European cup football to contend with for a while, Villa will be able to ensure that their first team does their best going into every game. And how Villa play in their next three Premier League games will be a big indicator on where their season is heading.

Manchester City v Aston Villa

City’s growing cosmopolitan nature and title ambitions come with a price tag – they have, like Chelsea, the most players heading out to play matches around the world during each international break, and playing them right after an international break, even it it is at the Etihad Stadium, is not such a bad thing.

The key for Villa will be to dominate the central areas, something that they haven’t always been able to do recently. You also have to keep into account the fact that City, like any other team, can be beaten by pace and how Agbonlahor performs on the day will also be a big factor contributing to Aston Villa’s success.

It’s bound to be a great day away for Villa supporters and if match tickets are hard to come by, check out all available options to buy Aston Villa tickets. At the end of the day, if Villa can take a point away from the Etihad stadium, it’s likely to be more than most other teams will manage this season.

Aston Villa v West Brom

West Brom haven’t had the best of starts this season – primarily given the teams they’ve faced up till now – and Villa, playing at home, should be able to negotiate this tie quite comfortably. Roy Hodgson will ensure that the team isn’t too open at the back but player for player Villa are the stronger team and you’d imagine that McLeish would play for the three points available instead of going safety first. It’s an eminently winnable game and home support will count, so if you don’t have a ticket for the game make sure you visit TicketBis to procure one ahead of the game.

West Brom often look to secure the early advantage (Sunderland, Norwich, Bournemouth and even Chelsea) but if Villa can keep a clean sheet in the first 15-20 minutes then they’ve got a very good chance of securing a win as West Brom will almost always concede goals and don’t always find a way to push back into a game in the second half.

Sunderland v Aston Villa

Sunderland, given the money invested in players, should be playing alongside Aston Villa in the top 8 / top 10. Instead they’re currently in 16th and if a couple of results go against them, they’ll be stuck in a relegation battle for a few months. Unless Steve Bruce can work a minor miracle in the next two weeks, we’re looking at a game where, despite being at home, Sunderland won’t be favourites against Aston Villa.

Although Villa haven’t lost an away game in the Premier League this season, they haven’t won an away game either so this should be a fairly good test of how well McLeish’s side can do when presented with a good opportunity in testing conditions. Sunderland have failed to win 3 of their four home games this season and if Villa can score at the Stadium of Light (which they should), it will be a question of 1 point or all 3 for Villa.



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