McLeish Plans to Bring Dann & Foster to Villa Park Could be Scuppered

June 17, 2011 by
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After the appointment of Alex McLeish as Aston Villa was confirmed this morning, links to his prized assets at City were inevitable and began even before he had signed on the dotted line, with moves mooted for the likes of Scott Dann and Ben Foster.

The former Blues boss will be looking to bolster his defensive reinforcements after a dismal campaign from Villa in that regard last season and his first port of call in the transfer market is likely to be a new goalkeeper after veteran Brad Friedel left for Tottenham earlier in the summer. When it comes to a new number one at the club there will only be one favourite. Ben Foster had a fantastic season despite the Blues demise last season in his opening campaign since securing a £6m permanent switch from Manchester United.

The 28-year-old’s form saw him cement his place as understudy to Joe Hart in the England setup before making a shock announcement confirming that he was taking a leave of absence from the international game. The ex-Watford stopper is one of those at St Andrews who is all but certain for a retrun back to the Premier League and McLeish has already been established as one of the favourites to complete his signature, though he is likely to have to stave off stiff competition to do so.

The defensive side of Birmingham’s game has never been in question since McLeish’s appointment and despite relegation last season, Foster still managed to keep 9 clean sheets in the Premier League, a record which the Sun claim will lead City to ask for as much as £10m for the keepers services. Birmingham’s record at the back was down in no small part to Foster’s team mate Scott Dann, who had a fantastic campaign before injury cut it short, a key factor in his sides demise after their League Cup success.

McLeish is known to rate Dann extremely highly but is believed to be joined in that opinion by a number of Premier League managers including Arsene Wenger and Kenny Dalglish. If the Scot is to sign the 24-year-old he may have to act quickly after reports emerged today suggesting that Stoke had made an offer for the young centre-back in an attempt to steal a march on a long list of suitors. City conceded 25 goals in 20 games while the former Coventry defender was in the side, compared to 30 in the remaining 18 league games that he missed alongside Roger Johnson.

In those 20 league appearances, Dann netted twice and assisted one more goal, as well as picking up 4 yellow cards. The Englishman had a pass success rate of 73% and won 54% of his aerial duels. He completed 2.7 tackles per game in comparison to defensive partner Johnson’s average of 1.3 and made a team high of 8.4 clearances per match. At 24 he has been tipped as a future England defender and is thought to be valued at around £12m by his club, meaning a bid for both himself and Foster would probably command a fee in excess of £20m.

Due to the wide spread interest that is likely to be in place for both players, McLeish’s unsavoury departure from the Blues may be of detriment to Villa’s chances of capturing the duo. The City board were extremely unimpressed by the former Rangers boss’ resignation via email and there is obviously no loved lost between the two clubs, especially after the events of this week. In my opinion a move for Foster is more likely due to the clubs lack of a goalkeeper and the fact that Dann is being linked with the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal but I feel both would definitely go some way to resolving our defensive frailties from last year.

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17 Comments on McLeish Plans to Bring Dann & Foster to Villa Park Could be Scuppered

  1. Claretsssss on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 14:50
  2. Stoke have already been quoted at bidding £12 million for Dann and thats just the opening bid, expect it to go to £15 – 20 with all the clubs after him and then add a few more on because of the McLeish factor. Same with foster don’t expect anything less than £10 – 15 million, thats if they don’t get forced to see out their contracts.

  3. M5Villa on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 15:31
  4. I just can’t see the Blues board letting us have their prize assets.

  5. Stratty on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 16:01
  6. One one hand, you guys don’t want him (or any other bluenose scum) and then you defend Agent Eck by saying he had a weak squad, next minute you want those very same players…

    It ain’t never going to happen, keep dreaming!!

  7. tc on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 17:03
  8. If Dann leaves then it will be to liverpool ,if that sunderland players worth what manure paid then why isn’t Danns ? Foster may well leave but can’t see the blues board selling any players to you anyway .Good luck next season,i think 38 draws will keep you up !!

  9. derek on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 20:58

  11. billy on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 21:12
  12. I used to be a season ticket holder at the villa, but I don’t go anymore, but to listen to the villa fans on TV made me think what planet are they really on?
    Now Alex McLeish the most successful manager in Birmingham city’s history as come to villa a small number of fans are on his back.
    The blues fans say they’re not bothered about McLeish going to villa, they say he will take them down, but we all know this isn’t the truth most of my blue nose mates I know are gutted.
    The reason both sets of fans amaze me is its clear villa are not going to compete for a champions league place, they have sold all their top players each season to the teams who are in the champions league.
    Now your heard fans saying we want ancelloti, benitez, moyes or rikkard not mcleish, why would any of these want to come to villa? They know villa are not going to compete for champion’s league qualification and that’s what these managers do apart from moyes at Everton. And Everton have a better squad of players and probably the same spending power as villa, the only difference between villa and Everton is they don’t sell their best players at the end of each season.
    Now back to mcleish he had a small squad at Birmingham and up until the beginning of February they were doing well and he did not have a lot of injuries, and then they all come at once.
    Jerome, Bentley, danns, zigic,hleb, ferguson and bowyer plus they had a couple of dodgy sending’s off with Gardner and ridgewell.
    Now people say mcleish should have prepared for this but what a lot of blues fans seem to have forgotten was mcleish was promised 40 million pound to spend in January by the chairman, which did not materialise, maybe if it did Birmingham would still be in the premiership.
    Bottom line villa fans need to realise they have probably got the best manager Birmingham city have ever had, not only this he won a cup with a very small squad and without spending hardly any money .
    Apart from taking blues down which I don’t really think was his fault he has done well with Scotland and rangers and he won more with Birmingham city that what martin O’Neil did in his time at villa.
    Blues fans need realise it wasn’t McLeish’s fault they went down it was the owners with broken promises. Blues have lost their best ever manager and it’s hard for them to swallow, but I’m sure it will all come out in the wash.

  13. bluen0se on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 21:30
  14. hands off villa scum

  15. billy on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 22:41
  16. danns was out with a very serious injury, id pay 8 million tops, why not just pick up upson on a free, hes not been injured and is still a international, and as for foster he’s a good keeper, but all the top sides in england have great keepers, so that leaves all the mediocre premierships sides and arsenal if they want him, so i dont think hes going to demand a 10 million plus transfer fee unless he wants to leave england.

    What the blues board need to realise is both johnson and danns only have 14 months left on their contract, they can play one season and hopefully they might get blues up, but if they do or if they dont they dont can both walk away for nothing next summer.

    fosters a different story, but like i said who out of the top sides need a golkeeper, i thing blues will sell who they can especially when they only have 14 months left on their contracts

  17. sidcowanslovechild on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 22:51
  18. ridiculous money. no chance

  19. DSVilla on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 7:51
  20. Blues need the money, pure and simple. They will take the best offers they get in a reasonably short time frame. If that comes from Villa (a big IF) they will sell. Pannu threatened an injunction and reporting Villa to the PL, then did neither. The reality is that they didn’t sack McCleish because they couldn’t afford to pay him and his coaching staff off so Villa have actually done them a favour, but they can’t admit that to their own fans.

  21. lincolnvilla on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 9:58
  22. i’m sure if villa realy want either of them and the moneys there they will walk accross water to come to the field of dreams ! (build it and they will come)
    we’re the villa, we’re the villa, we were the champions !!!!!!!!!

  23. eric on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 10:56
  24. yo derek(smart name)what sort of song is that !!villa is ours !! isnt suppose to be the city is ours !!!thick vile muppet

  25. snipe on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 13:13
  26. If bent had stayed at SUNDERLAND they would have finished in the top six. And VILLA would now be playing in the championship.Come January Bent will ask for a transfer when you are in the bottom five.

  27. Shemmanz on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 14:10
  28. It would be to sign them 2 players excatly what we need even tho they are from the scum but if Mcleish signs Foster,Dann,Adam and Sturridge and maybe a left back i will back 100%

  29. pvp on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 14:33
  30. I’m just curious as to how dumb can be worth 12million and young apparently only 15 this can’t surely be right

  31. martinlaurence on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 15:04
  32. Young would be worth far more if he wasn’t out of contract next season. More like £25m if that was the case

  33. billy on Sun, 19th Jun 2011 15:11
  34. youngs a full international player, if birmingham get 12 million for danns ill be in shock , hes a good decent centre half, the way i see it is you split the transfer fee over the 12 months of his contract, if they sell for 15 milliion is dann really worth 1.25 million a month and thats without wages. I doubt it blues need to get rid of players, if they dont get realistic i can see another portsmouth next season.

    We will soon see because if houghton doesnt sign, he wont be signing if carson is not upfront about money available, and i dont think there will be any, i think plans are in place to sell any player and to try and get as much as they can.

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