Houllier to Leave Villa by Mutual Consent, Confirmation Imminent

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Reports surrounding Aston Villa this morning claim that manager Gerard Houllier will leave the club by mutual consent following test results regarding the health scare he suffered earlier in the year.

Randy Lerner’s right hand man emphasised that the Frenchman’s health was of paramount importance last week and it now seems that the former Liverpool boss would be running too high a risk in returning to management. The decision is believed to be a done deal by sources close to the club, though Villa are yet to make an official statement on the rumours.

The confirmation is likely to be made later today and many Villa fans are getting what they wished for with the latest news after a desperately disappointing season in the most part at the club. More to follow but speculation has already moved to the man who will be chosen as Houllier’s successor at Villa Park, with the likes of Moyes, Benitez and even Ancelotti being touted in recent weeks.



4 Comments on Houllier to Leave Villa by Mutual Consent, Confirmation Imminent

  1. Save the villain on Tue, 31st May 2011 8:45
  2. Good luck Gerard enjoy your retirement hopefully welcome mr moyes and I wonder what will happen to Gary mac?

  3. Simon F on Tue, 31st May 2011 9:31
  4. As most of us are aware Villa have a legal and moral obligation to keep Houlliers job open for him until he is deemed able or unable to return to work, unless of course Villa pay out his contact, which they are trying to avoid.

    No doctor is going to give him a total clean bill of health without highlighting some risk of recurrence or worse. The doctors will not want to put Houllier or themselves at risk by stating that he will be completely fine to return to what is a very stressful job.

    Villa have had to keep saying that Houlliers job is still there for him and as soon as the doctors deliver their verdict Villa can then move on. I hope this happens soon for Houllier and his family, for the club, fans and for Lerner who must be desperate to get a new manager in place to stabilise the players and attract new blood.

    I really wish Houllier the best, I think he could have a role upstairs that could benefit the club but a new manager may not want this, therefore a full and clean break would be for the best. I think Villa have conducted themselves appropriately given this difficult situation which I’m sure we will all be grateful for when we have a great new manager, new players and the prospect of a positive 11/12 season.

    With the right approach from Lerner which outlines a vision for growth in investment for new players that builds on the solid youth development programme Villa has, we should get a big name manager with a pedigree of success. At this stage Lerner will not take a risk and aim high I expect he will approach Moyes, and I hope he does.

    A lot will happen at Villa over the next two weeks and I hope that we get some new players in early and put us all out of our misery giving us hope, the start of every season is about hope, come on Randy let the fantasy become a reality make us proud and make us great again. Its the 30th Anniversary next year lets achieve and move on and upwards!

  5. Craig Walker on Tue, 31st May 2011 9:45
  6. Great news if true, but I have heard that we have been talking to THE WALLY WITH THE BROLLY McClaren. If that,s true we will be relagated next season, and the season ticket sales will drop even more.

    Surely the club wont do that to us, I pray we dont go cheap on the appointment of a new manager. So please Villa go and get David Moyes, he will put bum,s on seats and he will turn us into a force in the premier league.

  7. AstonVilla64 on Tue, 31st May 2011 11:04
  8. If this is the case I for one will be dissapointed, I know all the reasons my fellow Villans want him gone, but I for one believe that now he sorted out all the crap behind the scenes. I was really looking forward to his re-building, players with the heart and desire to play for the club in the right way with good technical ability.

    The only good news for any new appointment is that he has done all the hard work. and a clean slate, money grabbers gone, good wage budget etc.

    I would go for Ancolotti top manager and would be able to attract the type of player to take us to the next level with Ray Wilkins as coach. Wether it be Moyes or someone else I expect Villa to be top 6, no ifs no buts the decks have been cleared they have the opportunity to bring in theire own players.

    After all the hounding on websites about GH, I just hope they all get what they prey for. I though will watch with interest to see how long these people give the new manager. GH was a proven manager with the experience to take us to the next level as a top club regardless of some of his decisions or comments he has made. The second half of the season proved he was on the right lines. He knew how to handle the kids, he spoke to them every day as Barry Bannan has quoted, he protected them, and was developing them regardless of people saying Delph should be in etc, it was proved against Arsenal that he works really hard but to be a top premiership player at a top club your distribution has to be better. This sis not a critism of the kid, but needs nurturing, as GH would have done.

    I want us to be where we should be challenging the top 6 as everyone else, but with the hard work done, I just hope that all the hounders dont come on here and bleating “told you so, should have been done earlier” when the new manager has had all the hard work done for them.

    Good Health GH and I for one will be grateful for stepping in at a difficult time and clearing out all the underperfoming dross that MON left behind that was crippling the finacial stability of the club. You have given us the platform to go to the next step, of top 6 next season. UTV

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