General Claims Appointment ‘Not as Simple as Ordering a Balti Pie’

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General Charles Krulak, right hand man to Villa chairman Randy Lerner, has again been the man to address the fans amid the vast speculation regarding the vacant managerial post at the club, claiming a decision is “not as simple as ordering a balti pie”.The non-executive director is known amongst the fans for having ‘a way with words’ shall we say, and his latest statement attempting to clear up the confusion over the process of appointing a new manager does not disappoint. Krulak felt that a comment needed to be made to the fans who have grown frustrated at apparent uncertainty with regards to the next man in charge. Many have made their opinions known when referring to reported unfavourable targets such as Steve McLaren, and more recently, Alex McLeish, and Krulak stated;

“We will not react to the nonsense that is printed in the media and we will not seek a manager who simply gets a thumbs-up from the fans.

“We will get the very best man for the job in our opinion and in the opinion of those who assist in the decision process. Once we get our man, we will give him all the support he needs.

“We have the old complaint of ‘dithering’ as if choosing and obtaining a manager was a simple as going to Marks & Spencer and ordering a balti pie.

“Randy has never failed to support his manager. I know it is a waste of my time to ask for patience and calmness over the next week or two but, be patient, it will get done.

“A great many things go into the equation – advice from people in the business, discussions with agents and people with access, research on everything from record of success to connectivity with the players in the dressing room, to effective use of personnel to compatibility with owner and people at the club, to many, many, other things.

“To some fans it seems like just a simple act and more importantly, a signal about ambition.

“As if one manager sends a bigger ambition or signal than another but fans forget about whether that manager fits with the club.”

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6 Comments on General Claims Appointment ‘Not as Simple as Ordering a Balti Pie’

  1. SG on Mon, 13th Jun 2011 16:36
  2. General Claims Appointment ‘Not as Simple as Ordering a Balti Pie’

    By that comment i know the general hasnt been in the upper holte at HT, cuz sometimes i think it would be easier to find a manager than get served a chicken balti!

  3. Jacko on Mon, 13th Jun 2011 17:54
  4. I agree with the general it’s not like buying a balti pie, but it ain’t rocket science either. I have always supported Randy and the board but their dithering and navel guessing it really hurting the club and its supporters. We know that the board have the ability to hire who they want, when they want but they risk alienating the club and supporters by not being decisive, by considering Alex McCleish and by trickling through tiny specs of information and leaving us at the mercy of the press.

  5. AMB on Mon, 13th Jun 2011 18:42
  6. I got to ask why Villa are not coming out saying the same statement as they did with Hughes as with McLiesh. He should not be considered and should be sent packing!

  7. colintammyvillan on Mon, 13th Jun 2011 19:19
  8. Patience is a virtue, the media make money out of upsetting people, especially fans, upset them enough to buy their “bad” reporting. We are caught between, desperation for a clear direction under new management without missing out on transfers in/out , and a sensible choice by RL and the board. My vote is for patience and to judge the decision when made…… I hope I don’t have to wait long……

  9. Paul on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 8:19
  10. Get behind Randy Lerner. Randy, not all Villa supporters are moaners. Can we all remember Randy bank-rolled the club when we needed it, buying Darren Bent . I wonder if McLeish had had that sort of money in December if they would have gone down. Some Villa fans are with the chairman and support his decisions. Come on Randy give that tupny hapny outfit across the city some stick!
    Villa til I die..

  11. Nick the Villian on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 8:31
  12. I think I’m part of the silent few who do support our Chairman and want to support him. I’m sick of all the moaning, its time we got behind our Chairman and Club.
    Up the Villa!

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