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Football betting: favourites to win the Premiership this season

The Premiership is rarely an easy league to bet on, as last season showed. Few people expected Manchester United to face such little opposition on their way to another title, and this season is liable to be another tricky one to put bets on. It is fully expected that Manchester City will put up more of a fight this time around. Indeed they have replaced United as the bookies favourites to lift the title ñ and Chelsea are also considered serious competition by many. So which of the teams at the top end should you think about having a punt on?

It really does seem to be between these three, with Arsenal nowhere near strong enough, and Tottenham likely to lose their star man Gareth Bale, before the transfer window closes. This last point illustrates one reason why it is hard to bet on the winner just now: the window is still open. At the moment, Manchester City are the only one of the three contenders to have secured the reinforcements they want, but both United and Chelsea still have time. It should be noted that getting the players early is always a better strategy, but the best advice would still be to wait and see what transfers happen before the close of the window before gambling. The likes of Game On represent a more than congenial online casino alternative.

After all Game On is a casino game which is themed around football ñ in this case a bunch of eccentric animals trying to play their own World Cup tournament ñ and the video graphics put this across with real pace and humour. Furthermore it is a really convenient alternative to conventional football betting, because mobile casino apps at sites like will even let you play it while you are at your teamís matches. It still has all the things that have contributed to the popularity of slot machines over the years. These include little things like being very easy and inexpensive to play, a cool cash jackpot and bonus games ñ with a total of three of the latter offered by this particular slot.

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