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Downing Comments a Cause for Concern for Villa?

Stewart Downing has added to the comments he made last month to the Northern Echo confirming that he would not be signing a new deal at Villa this summer having originally expressed his delight at being offered a new deal.Villa’s Player of the Year has two years remaining on his current contract and is ready to let his contract enter its last year, a la Barry, Milner and Young. Whilst away on international duty, the winger confirmed that his agent advised him that the time was right, not to sign a new deal, the wording of which is indicative of players having the power to engineer transfers off the field nowadays.

What annoys me is that modern players do not trust their own ability to attract new clubs. By that, I mean one of the big 4 will come in for you if you’re good enough whether you have one year left on your deal or 5. The secnario which Villa’s star players have put themselves in by refusing to commit the club is the easy, and is some way cowardly, option in my opinion.

When asked as to his future club ambitious, Downing stated:

“If you ask any player about interest from clubs, they get flattered by it but I think you’ve just got to keep your mind on the job and keep playing well for your club and country.

“All players want to play at the highest level and in the biggest competitions.

“With England as well, all the top players play in good teams. I’m no different.

“You just want the best for your career. You want to finish with medals at the end of it so, if it’s a step up with Villa or with someone else, then I’m ready for it.

“You watch teams in the Champions League and it makes you wish you were there.

“You sit at home and watch it, hear the music come on, you see the teams and you think ‘that’s where you want to be.’

“It’s the pinnacle. It’s the best. It’s the best standard with the best players. It would be nice to taste that one day.”

With regards to negotiations with Villa and his future at the club, he added:

“My agent had a meeting with the club – just one meeting – and he just felt it was the right time not to sign my contract.

“I’ve still got two years to go, so I’ve still got a long time to go, so I just decided to leave it as it is.

“Will I be at Villa next season? I’m not sure.

“I mean, we had the meeting with the club, we expressed our feelings and they said to me they’re going to improve the team and the squad.

“So, as far as I know, I’ll still be reporting back for pre-season because I’ve heard nothing.”

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