Protests Fail to Prevent ‘Productive Talks’ with McLeish

June 15, 2011 by
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A protest by Villa fans at Villa Park today has seen a crowd of over 1,000 grow to share their dislike for former Birmingham manager Alex McLeish while the Scot was being interviewed by chairman Randy Lerner in London.

From what I can gauge I would predict that well over 90 per cent of Villa supporters are against a move for the ex-Blues boss, with some feeling stronger about it than others. Either way this would be the most unpopular appointment of any manager at any club in recent history and has opened the nation’s eyes to the magnitude of the rivalry between the two clubs.

The media has flocked to Villa Park where the protests began with a few hundred, a figure which has grown and grown throughout the evening. During the protest the Villa fans began a sit down protest in the road, blocking the traffic outside the North Stand car park, and after a struggle were able to breach the main gates while business was taking place between Lerner and McLeish in the capital.

Despite the protests, Randy has been determined to interview the former Rangers manager and talks are said to have been productive after the club signalled their intent to talk to the man who quit his post at City by email just this week, cutting his holiday short to return for meetings with the Villa owners. The talks are expected to continue long into the night and it remains to be seen as to whether the protesting fans will get there way!

Each to their own but I would just like to urge fans to keep the faith in the squad, even if you don’t support the manager, whoever that may be! UTV!

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12 Comments on Protests Fail to Prevent ‘Productive Talks’ with McLeish

  1. Chico Hamilton on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 18:56
  2. from what you can gauge, you predict over 90% of Villa fans????? you haven’t got a clue what the vast majority of Villa fans think as only a small percentage of them use blogs etc. A strong statement to make considering the huge inaccuracy of it!!

  3. shark133 on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 19:05
  4. so many morons!no one else wants the job!hughes?!he has had five jobs in seven years.forgive if i dont think he is worth the chance.we had four managers last year alone!mccleish has a a proven record with youth.he spotted gardner,cahill and ridgewell would make it.he also bought dann,johnson for next to nothing and got a good deal for foster.give the man a chance please

  5. claretstrat on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 19:35
  6. No matter how hated this bloke is, if he gets the job he must have the full backing of everybody for the sake of Aston Villa! One things for sure, he won’t be coming for an easy ride, give him some credit fot that. The massive pressure will be on before the ink dries on his contract! UTV.

  7. claretstrat on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 19:44
  8. So many comments have been made about how the board have made us a laughing stock but whos making us a laughing stock now….all those nobheads protesting outside Villa Park!

  9. martinlaurence on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 19:51
  10. Well over 90%

  11. claretstrat on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 20:01
  12. 90% of what?

  13. mjoe on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 20:18
  14. Can those guys protesting grow up !! Yes I can’t stand the Blues but I am more concerned about getting the right Mgr & I think we might have something special for the long term ! Lets get behind Randy and back his judgement !!!

  15. Michael on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 20:19
  16. Spotted Cahill?? Think you’ll find he didn’t and Ridgewell has belonged in the Championship ever since he broke into our team! He was def made to look better than he is by Dann and Johnson! He has proven himself as a championship manager no better!! Did well in Scotland, rubbish football and then go Birmingham a trophy but got them relegated because they relied on two (Dann & Johnson) players all season and one got injured! I’m fully behind the guys protesting, I don’t know why Randy would approach the Blues Manager I would much rather keep McCalister in charge or anybody else who has managed a Prem league side and kept them up!!! Shambles!

  17. shark133 on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 21:36
  18. he did actually try to sign cahill,michael as a fan you should know this

  19. Claretsssss on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 22:10
  20. Randy and the general don’t give a flying fk about the fans, they think they are getting one over on the lot from B9. Its been a shambles ever since the frenchman came, he was bad enough then he had another “heart scare” and still they didn’t get any plans to replace him. Next thing perm any manager from any manager as each one either turns the job down (either prefered Wigan or a 12 month holiday) or gets rejected on ethics (walked out on last job Fulham) or because of the fans reactions (because of England conection) AND NOW THIS!

  21. Claretsssss on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 22:21
  22. He also spotted Hleb, Bent, Derbyshire, Bentley, O’conner, O’shay, Costly to name a few that I remember and according to some newspaper reports over the last two seasons he was about the third highest net spender in the prem. So he was hardly unsupported by the blues! Seems to be good at picking out defenders but rubbish at attackers. 4,5,1 going for bore draws or 1-0’s

  23. Beth on Thu, 16th Jun 2011 0:06
  24. There was nothing wrong with that protest tonight. I have been a season ticket holder for 4 years now and I know a lot of the people there tonight were as well and if you pay vast amounts of money you should be able to voice your opinion. Groups have been set up and emails sent and noone seems to be listening. It was a peaceful protest with plenty of children around and it just gave people a chance to show a bit of passion. It is no good moaning about it after it happens. Yeah, chances are it will amount to nothing, but is there anything wrong with trying to prove a point? If you had been there you would not be saying the fans were an embarrassment at all. But then its easy to sit behind your computer and shout your mouth off. We’ll see how you feel when we start playing the dullest football in the premiership and Heskey becomes a consistent presence up front.

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